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gotkushTV presents “Blacktricity”

The biggest Pan-African end of year pre Kwanza Showcase, In association with ⁣⁣⁣Ghana 🇬🇭@beyondthereturn @yearofreturn ⁣⁣
#BLACKTRICITY! The current that runs through the Afrikan diaspora brings energy to the world. Our rhythm moves the body! Our intellect builds nations! Our Spirituality inspires & heals! Our Culture keeps us connected to our source – The Motherland! BLACKTRICITY is a celebration of this eternal connection. From motherland to the Diaspora, we are one Afrika!⁣⁣⁣
gotKushTV brings you this unique occasion, as an official partner of Ghana’s ‘Beyond the Return’ series of events! Join us and be part of history!⁣⁣⁣

The Year of Return in 2019 was a monumental success, with Afrikans from across the diaspora travelling to Ghana in to the Millions. The success of 2019 has been severely affected by the 2020 CoVid19 Pandemic virtually bringing the world to a stand still.Many are wondering how they will be able to begin and/or continue their connection with the motherland, whether materially or culturally. In addition, there are many more who did not travel to Ghana in 2019, that due to its success have developed and significant interest. Such people need to be kept in tune with Beyond the Return developments in order to take advantage of the opportunities when more appropriate.


gotKushTV has received the official endorsement from the Ghanaian government “Beyond the Return programme in order to present “BLACKTRICITY: The Pre-Kwanzaa Showcase”. Blacktricity is an artistic showcase that celebrates the preservation of culture from Africa, through out the diaspora. The legacy of African Music is the most obvious connection between Africa and its diaspora. In line with the pillar of “Pan-African Heritage…” we aim demonstrate the Pan-African connection through music, art and culture in general.


The challenges associated with the global lockdown, present us with a unique opportunity. The world is becoming more aligned with online events, which means it is in theory easier to connect Black people around the world. The showcase will allow us to emphasize the Beyond the Return Pillars of ‘Promote Pan African Heritage & Innovation’ & ‘celebrate Ghana’, while highlighting the pillars of ‘Experience Ghana, Invest in Ghana & Diaspora Pathway to Ghana’.Our audience will be treated to a full cultural experience, while receiving insightful information on Businesses, Entrepreneurship and travel. Essentially, official reports concerning the impact of CoVid19 and the lockdowns suggest that the Black community is disproportionately adversely affected. The mental health impact of being isolated, within a community that thrives upon connection should not be underestimated. Blacktricity gives our community an opportunity to reconnect with heritage, culture and community and thereby engage a positively affirming mental attitude.


gotKushTV has gathered an extensive line up of Artist representing a myriad of Black musical styles. Blacktricity will also feature the Voyage to Motherland Panel – featuring experts in Ghana’s Business, Repatriation and land opportunities. The event will be hosted by Nat Nye & Stella B – The Voyage to Motherland team themselves, and will feature a presentation of Kwanzaa as one of the defining examples of Afrikan Culture reviving itself in the diaspora.

Social Proof/Validation

We have been officially endorsed as part of the “Beyond The Return” series of events. As the UK’s number one Conscious Platform, with our growing audience of over 18k on youtube, 16k across all social media and more youth discovering our platform everyday, we have the potential to reach and inspire at least 40 thousand people around Beyond The Return within the first couple years of the programme.


gotKushTV has been connecting with the motherland for quite some time. More recently, we are producing the Voyage to Motherland show, exposing the diaspora to Africa. We have also hosted events with noted Afrikan activists such as Kemi Seba & Scholars such as Robin Walker and Runoko Rashidi.